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Shenzhen Hans’3D Technology Co., Ltd

Welcome to Hans'3D

Shenzhen Hans'3D Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development of AI artificial intelligence, 3D medical imaging, image intelligent analysis and processing technology, and providing integrated solutions for digital precision medical treatment.

We are committed to the combination of technology, medicine, art and human well-being, and advocates the harmonious coexistence of exterior and interior, human and society. Adhering to the value of "let AI lead human progress", Hans3D has built a series of software and hardware products based on advanced image technology, and constructed a huge beautiful ecological circle.

We own many patented technologies as well as massive data accumulation which keep the leading roles in the industry. Relying on the technical output of China Plastic Surgery Association and many well-known universities and research institutions in China, Hans'3D can not only provide accurate and efficient products for domestic and foreign plastic surgery institutions, but also provide customers with more business decision support through intelligent big data analysis technology.

In the future, Hans3D will continue to promote the high-tech technological transformation of the medical plastics industry and empower the digital development of Chinese medical and cosmetic industry.

We own many patented technologies as well as massive data accumulation which keep the leading roles in the industry.