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Cosmetic Portable Toolbox


Are you still worried about these situations?



What if you can't find a case?

As work time goes on, there are more and more cases of surgery, but it is getting harder and harder to manage the files and photos of customers!

From a plastic docter


Professional Preoperative and Postoperative Contrast Camera

Based on the experience and technology of establishing international medical image archives, we customize the standard of image capture according to the requirements of medical imaging, which meets the archiving requirements and can be used as auxiliary certificate in academic papers.


Intelligent File Management System

Anytime, Anywhere, you are in the office with your phone!

Digital storage mode, large capacity, massive case for quick access at any time


One Person Shoots, Many Person Share

The new sending function of YIPAI app is officially open. The closed work group mode builds the real and effective digital photo archive.


Share Cases and Information

In the Universal Cases Square module of YIPAI APP, if you like the case, you can hit the like button, collect it, and you can also upload your own photos as long as you want.



Compare Gadgets Give Life More Fun

Compare Gadget automatically finds out similar continuous shots, so that can create a small game for the boring party, and make a contrast case for each you need to compare.



1.       Screen-split Contrast Photography, take postoperative photos with reference to preoperative photos

2.       Systematic management of archives, rapid search of massive cases

3.       One-click Sending Case to avoid repeated shooting

4.       Quality case sharing creates personal IP traffic

5.       Contrast tool supports zoom in and zoom out of split-screen photos at the same scale

6.       3D image cases complement the lack of stereoscopic in planar image

7.       Super network bandwidth transfers cases to cloud space in seconds

8.       The account is binding to cloud space, so no need to be worry even if the phone is lost.

9.       Surgery encyclopedia makes medical cosmetology life and daily